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Greetings and Namaste,

First off, I would like to welcome you to Inner Path. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and inspiration for your spiritual growth within the framework of the classical teachings of yoga and meditation. The practice of yoga, far more than a series of postures, provides a wonderful spiritual path and lifestyle. Our intention with these websites is to share the art and science of this ancient truth and its extremely useful applications in daily life.

With these first few blog entries I would like to briefly explore some of the many projects on which we are working. They are offered to each of you, to your inner longing for oneness with Spirit, and your sincere effort to reach the Noblest of Goals. Our spiritual search is truly the most important purpose of our life. Everything else is secondary. With that in mind our projects and goals are each intended to help with that Divine search. To offer support, guidance, information, inspiration; anything that makes the effort a little easier. We’re here to assure you that you are not alone, and just as you turn to God and Guru for support, you may turn to your Divine Friends at Inner Path.

It is with great joy that I share the expanded work of Inner Path. What many of you may think of as just a web store is at long last taking birth as a larger, more serviceful series of projects. This particular website, Inner Path Home, is our new home page. We hope you appreciate the slide show with the lovely quotes about going within. It was quite fun searching for those quotes and in actuality, they weren’t hard to find. The path of inwardness is universal and can be found in all of the major religious teachings.

Here’s a brief description of the purpose of each of the main websites:

Inner Path Home

Inner Path Home is intended to share the larger, more expansive projects; in some regards, the ministry of Inner Path. These include Inner Path Community, Inner Path Lifestyle, Inner Path Los Angeles and last but not least, the Inner Path Store. If all goes well, we’ll soon also have a website called Inner Path Nevada City, which will highlight our upcoming yoga and meditation center in Nevada City, California.

Inner Path Community

The projects within this website emphasize the greater community of One, and honors our sense of unity with Spirit and every one and every thing on earth as a brother and sister of our one Father/Mother/God. Among the projects include:

One World Family
An opportunity to share with others our unity in Spirit and connect with our one human family.
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Yogananda Kriya Yoga Fellowship
A fellowship to bring together devotees of the great spiritual teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda, and others who have learned the Mahavatar Babaji inspired system of kriya yoga.
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Inner Path Productions
Through books, music, video, radio, online television, and public events we hope to share the teachings of yoga and meditation.
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Support Inner Path
Inner Path could use your support. The Thousand Points of Light Endowment Fund and the 10% Commitment are great ways to participate. Learn too about Rajarshi Social Enterprises. You’ll be glad you did.
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Inner Path Lifestyle

Inner Path Lifestyle, the second website in development, is intended to share a vast depth of information and inspiration on the path of Yoga, as well as a number of serviceful endeavors. These include:

Lifestyle Blog
Inspiring and useful articles and more on the subject of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and numerous other aspects of the spiritual life.

Healing Prayers
Whether you need prayerful help or would like to learn to the art of healing prayer this is the place to be. As it develops there will also be wonderful articles to better understand our relationship to Spirit and how to live a dynamic and healthful life.

Kirtan Radio
Inspiring kirtan music 24 hours a day.

Holy Sites USA
As you well know there are special places in the world (including right here in the Good Ole USA) that help us go within and connect to our True Self. With your help we’re developing a list of the ones we have found to be especially inspiring.

Inner Path Los Angeles

We’re not there yet but Spirit has given us a big project to manifest in the Los Angeles area. Among these include:

World Brotherhood Center
The World Brotherhood Center is an ashram setting includes beautiful gardens dedicated to the religions of the world.

One World Community
One World Community is a small community for like minded yogis.

Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat
Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat is a health retreat emphasizing Ayurveda, yoga and a healthful life.

Education for Life
Education for Life is a children’s school that teaches tools for life, not just the 3’rs.

Seva House
Seva House is a transitional home for young adults, particularly those who have aged out of the foster care system.

Center for the Inner Path
Center for the Inner Path is a yoga and meditation center.

Inner Path Store

The Inner Path Store was the face of Inner Path for a number of years and a wonderful provider of unique products for yoga, meditation and the spiritual life. We have two simple goals – provide great service and great products.


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